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Naked Woman Running From Cop Through College Campus Gets Tasered, Eats it Hard

Handshake aims to help students launch their career. A day later that website had disappeared; its creator apparently had a crisis of conscience. If you type in the URL, you'll see a blank, white page and the words "not found. Like the woman I saw, the resulting nudes weren't real. But they certainly looked like it.


There was a free version, too, that would place a big watermark on resulting images the paid version of the app, according to Vice, instead had a "FAKE" stamp in one corner. Instagram head says company is evaluating how to handle deepfakes. DeepNude was meant to work on women, specifically. Vice reported that it would insert a vulva, in place of pants, in a photo of a man.

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It is the latest example of how it's getting increasingly easy to use technology to shame and demean women, in particular, online. The images it created in the online samples I saw didn't look perfect, but they were good enough to make a casual observer gasp. And such AI-crafted images are likely to keep spreading: any copies of DeepNude that are already out there could easily be replicated, and other similar programs are likely to pop up.

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  2. Design for product understanding : the aesthetics of design from a semiotic approach.
  3. PC brands half-naked woman ‘dirty little whore’ after she finds her in lover’s flat.

The anonymous person behind the app, who reportedly spoke with Vice, said DeepNude was trained on over 10, photos of naked women and used the AI technique behind many deepfake videos, known as generative adversarial networks, or GANs. GANs consist of two different neural networks pitted against each other in an effort to come up with new outputs — which could range from realistic-looking faces to paintings or, in this case, nude women — that mimic those in a mountain of training data. The swift rise and fall of DeepNude shows there is a demand for such software.

In the hours after Vice's story appeared on Wednesday, a Twitter account that appears to be linked to the DeepNude website indicated its server was down due to "unexpected traffic. Though the free version of the application created images that have watermarks on them, the Twitter message read, "if , people use it, the probability that people misuse it is too high.

We don't want to make money this way. Surely some copies of DeepNude will be shared on the web, but we don't want to be the ones that sell it.

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According to GoDaddy , the service through which DeepNude. A message sent to the domain registrant via GoDaddy received no immediate response, nor did a tweet directed at the DeepNude Twitter account. She is shocked and questions why he did not help. Misha is not yet ready to examine that question himself, and while he bathes, the house begins to fill with his adult children and their partners, as the family begins a weekend get-together.

He plays the character in the kind of locked-off way that we usual decry, but there is a certain expressivity to the coldness that is revealing of the turmoil underneath, from terseness to his concluding catharsis. In this passive character a host of thematic preoccupations are projected upon and subtly built out through his interactions with his wife and family: sexual desire, shame, anger, violence, patriarchal respect, emasculation, depression, family, aging, death.

It could have been, and maybe you will contend that still it is, something of a mess—it is a film that evokes a lot but confirms very little, up to and including verifying if the woman is even real. Is she some sort of psychological manifestation? But despite this indeterminacy the film is worthy of contemplation due to Avital. An 8-time Staff Pick recipient, she is currently one of the very best at it after all, as demonstrated in emotionally loaded, but somewhat inscrutable videos like Autre Ne Veut — World War Pt.

The inscrutability is also partly by design. The film is supported via her production company, the internationally renowned Partizan , and was self-consciously designed as a proof-of-concept for her upcoming feature debut, to explore Misha as well as the overall world and tone of the project.

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Drama Allie Avital 16 minutes. An understated and enigmatic film from music video auteur Allie Avital. A Russian immigrant living in the countryside witnesses a crime, which casts a dark shadow on a family weekend. Next Previous.