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Use this part of your AMP to: define the levels of service for the transportation activities that your organisation delivers identify how the levels of service contribute to the Government Policy Statement on land transport GPS identify any local issues over and above national and regional priorities, that need to be addressed in managing your network. Select each example below to see the kind of information your AMP should include. Item Examples 1. Identify your customers and stakeholders for the purposes of this plan. Answer some key questions related to objectives, benefits and performance measures.

Supplement the above with any evidence on current performance, based on performance measures identified, and drawing a connection between your data, GPS objectives and ONRC outcomes. Identify the long-term trends that may impact on CLoS.

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Factors that influence customer demand on the transportation network include: population growth and decline demographic change change in land use economic growth and decline modal change development of recreational areas future customer expectations. All in all, this is a good example of fit-for-purpose effort. This is a good example of fit-for-purpose effort. Select each example below to see more information.

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Identify any significant assumptions you have made in developing this AMP. Identify any significant risks to the reliability and continuity of the levels of service provided by the transport network. Identify assumptions and risks related to investment and financial forecasting. Provide a high-level summary of your transportation assets, including any information that may help readers understand the unique context within which your assets operate.

Follow the high-level summary with a detailed description of each type of asset. Your AMP should be able to answer the following questions: What is the evidence for identified problems and opportunities?

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What is their relative importance and urgency? Is there sufficient evidence to show that the programme and its elements have been optimised for the mix and timing of activities? Is there an appropriate procurement approach to deliver value for money in the short, medium and long term? This rating system is based on a qualitative assessment of the levels of service LOS and cost comparison data: For the analysis of options, the WDC has made a qualitative assessment of the effectiveness and impact on LOS.

Identify the problems you are considering, indicating the benefits of addressing each problem and the consequences of not addressing the problems. Provide detailed evidence to support your description of problems, benefits and consequences. Set out options to be considered, indicating the benefits and consequences of each.

Explain how you have assessed the options being considered and identified preferred options. Identify the financial impact and the level of service impact for the preferred options. Provide evidence to show that the programme and its elements have been optimised for the mix and timing of activities.

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Provide evidence to demonstrate how your procurement delivers value for money. Provide any evidence of data quality. Explain your preferred programmes. This includes, but is not limited to: your revenue and financing policy your funding sources the value of your assets development contributions the apportionment of cost of capital works historic and proposed maintenance costs historic and proposed renewal costs planned improvement costs.

Developing robust expenditure forecasts requires a comprehensive understanding of past and current costs. Your AMP should include both high-level summaries of programme expenditure and detailed costings for different services. Select each example below to see more information related to programme expenditure.

Provide an overview of your financial forecasts. Explain your revenue and financing policy. Identify sources of funding. Identify the value of your assets, including depreciation costs. Explain your policy on development contributions. Explain the apportionment of cost of capital works. It helps us organize the feedback easily. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

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