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Advanced ceramic materials. Home Business Units Advanced ceramic materials. Advanced ceramic materials Precision investment casting Thermal spraying powder Engineering ceramics — structural ceramics Sputter targets and evaporation materials Electro-Ceramics and Ionic Conductors Hard metals and energy storage Hardmetals and cermets Energy storage — batteries and electrolytes Rare earths and chemicals Catalysts Water purification Pigments, frits and ceramic stains Glass fusion and polishing agents Foundry industry Flints Environmental catalysts and pharmaceutical chemicals Environmental catalysts Pharmaceutical industry Steel and foundry products Ferro alloys Recycling Business units - Contact.

Advanced Ceramic Materials Treibacher Industrie AG develops and produces technically demanding materials and powders for many applications in the advanced ceramic sector.

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Find out more Application Precision investment casting Thermal spraying powder Engineering ceramics Electro ceramics Ionic conductors Scintillator ceramics Bio and dental ceramics Sputtering targets and evaporation materials Coatings for turbines and heat engines — TBC, EBC spraying powders, ingots. Jon Dodge Managing Director. The true significance of ceramics to modern society however, is not well understood.

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This book describes in detail the background to and objective of the development, materials, manufacturing processes, functions and future prospects of a number of ceramic products. Not merely about the science and technology of ceramic manufacturing, the book is about the products themselves, as it tries to clarify how ceramics continue to contribute to our lives. It is the first such work to show advanced ceramic products in detail, from the technologies used to their application, and can be seen as a kind of illustrated reference book for modern advanced ceramic products as it is filled with easy-to-understand illustrations and photos.

By including past and current product technologies, the editors hope the book will serve to guide engineers and the manufacturing sector toward a bright future of innovations for the benefit of us all.

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Introduction 1. Information Technology and Electroceramics 2. Ceramics in Transportation and Aerospace Fields 3.

Our development work focuses on high-performance ceramic oxidic and, in some cases, non-oxidic materials for the broad range of applications in environmental and energy technologies, bio-ceramics and precision investment casting. Application-specific innovations are developed in close cooperation with our customers.

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This is facilitated by our specialists in the relevant areas and our scalable technology processes that develop products from laboratory and pilot quantities to production quantities within short project timeframes. Find out more.

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Advanced ceramic materials. Home Business Units Advanced ceramic materials.