The New International Political Economy

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How do civil society actors and social movements influence the global political economy? What are the possibilties for change?

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Students will have an opportunity to engage with a wide-range of interdisciplinary literature with an emphasis on conceptual, analytical and empirical texts. The module spans the autumn parallel. It includes 12 lectures and 11 student driven seminars. Apart from the first lecture, every lecture will be preceded by a seminar session.

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  6. In lecture sessions, the course convenor will provide an overview of this weeks topic, readings and discussions. The students are expected to collaborate on how to present the main argument s the readings. Balaam, D.

    Theories of International Political Economy

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    London: Palgrave Macmillan. Palat, R. Fifth edition.

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    Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp Phillips, Nicola. Power and inequality in the global political economy. International Affairs 93 2 : Ravenhill, J. The study of Global Political Economy in J.

    About the B.A. in International Political Economy and Diplomacy

    Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp Thun, E The globalization of production in J. Watson, M. Theoretical traditions in global political economy in J. The student must attend a majority of lectures and participate in a majority of seminars and class exercises to be eligible for a grade. View on map. Contemporary international political economy appeared as a subfield of the study of international relations during the era of Cold War rivalry between the Soviet Union and the United States — Analyses initially focused largely on international security but later came to include economic security and the role of market actors—including multinational corporations, international banks, cartels e.

    International political economy grew in importance as a result of various dramatic international economic events, such as the collapse of the Bretton Woods international monetary system in and the oil crisis of — During the early period of the Cold War, political scientists emphasized the realist, or power politics , dimension of U.

    During the Vietnam War , however, a growing decrease in the value of the U. Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger found himself unable to understand the issues without the assistance of an economist. These events led to a search for a multidisciplinary approach or outlook that borrowed different theories, concepts, and ideas from political science and international relations—as well as from economics and sociology—to explain a variety of complicated international problems and issues.

    It did not so much result in the development of a new school of political economy as emphasize the continued relevance of the older, more-integrated type of analysis, which explicitly sought to trace the connections between political and economic factors. In the late s and continuing into the s, many development experts from a structuralist point of view including many Marxists and neo-Marxists posited a variety of explanations as to why many developing countries did not seem to develop or change much.

    For example, the German-born economist Andre Gunder Frank made popular the idea that, when developing countries connect to the West, they become underdeveloped. Social theorist and economist Immanuel Wallerstein , whose works have made a lasting impact on the study of the historical development of the world capitalist system, argued that development does occur but only for a small number of semiperipheral states and not for those peripheral states that remain the providers of natural resources and raw materials to the developed industrial core states.

    Such themes were evident in the s and the early 21st century when a number of politically and economically powerful and mostly Western multinational corporations were accused of exploiting women and children in unsanitary and unsafe working conditions in their factories in developing countries.

    Political economy.

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    Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Introduction Historical development Economics and political economy National and comparative political economy International political economy. Load Previous Page. International political economy International political economy studies problems that arise from or are affected by the interaction of international politics, international economics , and different social systems e. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: international relations: International political economy.