Rational Kinematics (Springer Tracts in Natural Philosophy)

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Only a short account of notation and definitions will be presented. Moreover, definitions and basic concepts pertaining to the kinematics of rigid bodies will be also included.

Extended Thermodynamics

Although the kinematics of rigid bodies can be regarded as a particular case of the kinematics of continua, the former deserves attention on its own merits for several reasons. One of these is that it describes locally the motions undergone by continua. Another reason is that a whole area of mechanics, known as classical dynamics, is the study of the motions undergone by particles, rigid bodies, and systems thereof.

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Derechos de autor. Rational Kinematics Jorge Angeles Sin vista previa disponible - Rational Kinematics Jorge Angeles Vista previa limitada - This incompatibility between the expectation of physicists and the classical laws of thermodynamics has prompted the formulation of extended thermodynamics. After describing the motifs and early evolution of this new branch of irreversible thermodynamics, the authors apply the theory to mon-atomic gases, mixtures of gases, relativistic gases, and "gases" of phonons and photons.

Physics - Mechanics: Rotational Motion (1 of 6) An Introduction

The discussion brings into perspective the various phenomena called second sound, such as heat propagation, propagation of shear stress and concentration, and the second sound in liquid helium. The formal mathematical structure of extended thermodynamics is exposed and the theory is shown to be fully compatible with the kinetic theory of gases.

The study closes with the testing of extended thermodynamics through the exploitation of its predictions for measurements of light scattering and sound propagation.