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Of course! Come visit me on Friday! One of the things I did notice, however, was the volume of invitations that fell into a grey category. Facebook invitations were directed towards me—and 50 other people. Is this even an invitation at all? Our obsession with making very vague, very cancellable plans was on full display. It seemed that even my most solid social invitations were tentative. They were, as several people later cancelled, even if they were the ones extending the offer.

Even with this assignment, my internal responses were no better. Why, when receiving an invitation to spend time with friends, was I already wishing I could get out of it? The trouble with this became immediately clear. My kids are 5 and 7 years old, so their idea of self-regulation and reasonable requests make about as much sense as this dog. Fortunately, I have sane friends yin and yang, folks, opposites do attract , and one such friend, Lindsay, even has a family holiday called the "Day of Yes. There's a price limit.

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And when it comes to eating we try to at least make the kids alternate savory and sweet, though every Yes Day starts with doughnuts. Well, duh. That's my Yes Day right there, doughnuts and then back to bed, day over. But what Lindsay's Yes Day told me was that Yes Day can only work within parameters that are basically like a giant No at either end, with a couple extra in the middle.


Still, I tried to "yes" my kids as much as possible without endangering their physical and my emotional health. For a few days at least, my first answer was "yes," and then I adjusted as necessary. I couldn't say "yes, you can stay home from school. But at a certain point, I just can't take another episode of The Great British Bake Off , and the kids actually do have to put on their own shoes, and they need sleep, and all of this is just not sustainable.

Where kids are concerned, "yes" is like salt: A pinch here and there adds panache; too much is deadly. I turned my gaze to my husband. What would happen if I yessed him? It's all out there in this remarkable achievement by a multi talented actor-filmmaker. I say YES to this memoir! Just caught a repeat viewing of Grant in her remarkable, Oscar nominated film debut as the shoplifter in William Wyler's 'Detective Story. View 1 comment. Jun 22, Susan rated it it was ok.

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I was extremely disappointed in this book. I can understand why no one wanted to edit Ms. Grant's memoirs, but they really should have!

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The book is disjointed. Snippets of events are helter skelter throughout the book. For example: she mentions recuperating from a nose job, except we haven't heard about the nose job.

Here's What Happened When I Said 'Yes' to Everything For a Week - The Warm Up

A few chapters later she talks about the nose job. I finally decided that reading this book was like being stuck at a cocktail party with a drunk person who thinks they are fascinat I was extremely disappointed in this book. I finally decided that reading this book was like being stuck at a cocktail party with a drunk person who thinks they are fascinating and probably are in this case but can't cohesively present their story.

View all 3 comments. I didn't know anything about Lee Grant going into this book, other than loving her as an actress and thinking she was super cool. It turns out she's also a pioneer, a survivor, and a great writer. I loved this so much, and loved how much her personality shone through, flaws and all, funny, self-aware, lusty, vain and a stoner Lee Grant marry I didn't know anything about Lee Grant going into this book, other than loving her as an actress and thinking she was super cool.

Lee Grant marry me!! Jul 23, OpenBookSociety. Grant lays bare her soul. I wanted to read this because I have always liked her as an actress. My favorite movie with her is Buona Sera, Mrs. Admittedly, she has a supporting role; but in my opinion, she stole the movie without trying to upstage anyone. Her mere presence on the screen is riveting, and so is this autobiography.

She explains how difficult it was growing up Jewish in New York, and how she survived it. She became an actress as a teenager, and was nominated for an academy award in She married Arnold Manoff, a Communist; and while he attempted to get her to join the party, she was basically apathetic about it.

Yet because of him, and friends they socialized with, her career was completely and finally cut off. When she finally struggled her way back to acting, she eventually did win the coveted Oscar, for Shampoo. Many would not, and their careers would be over forever.

Trying to push your boundaries can quickly get out of hand.

Grant was one of the lucky ones; she was able to find her way into acting again, although it was not easy. Grant tells some interesting stories about the people she knew, the sets she worked on, the movies she made. She tells us about the mistakes she made, her life with her husbands her second husband is Joey Feury and her children, Dinah Manoff and Belinda Feury.

She is honest in her mistakes in parenting, and the things she did right. Not all of the stories are flattering to the people portrayed; but neither are they intended to be hurtful.

Here’s What Happened When… I Said ‘Yes’ to Everything For a Week

I believe they are honest, and although I already knew some of them, there were still quite a few revelations about others. I believe that anyone who is interested in biographies, or Ms. Grant herself, will enjoy this book immensely, if only for the honesty with which it is written. Highly recommended. Aug 13, Mediaman rated it did not like it.

Sorry, but this is a terrible book. Grant's opening section is deadly dull, with nothing interesting about her childhood or family. She lacks much self-awareness she claims she didn't know she was Jewish as a child, even though she describes family Jewish traditions! Instead she comes acros Sorry, but this is a terrible book. Instead she comes across as one confused, inept, unintelligent woman. As an adult some of those choices included shacking up with a married man who also was a well-known Communist.

She became a Communist and admits in the book to signing something that said she was a Communist yet seems confused about it. She makes a little speech about how she admires Communist writers and how unfair it is that some of her actor friends live among the rich and have maids. Then she moves to live among the rich on Central Park West and has a maid. As a Communist. She is then called before Congress, uncertain why because she suddenly isn't sure if she's really a Communist, and pleads the Fifth repeatedly.

Wrenne: I Said Yes To Everything

She complains that she's on the Blacklist, saying she can't get work. Then she writes in the book about how much work she gets during that time, especially from her Communist friends. Get the point? She's really screwed up, liberal, snobby, and unrelatable. Her "stories" if you want to call them that are droll and lack details. She stars in a movie and only uses a couple sentences to mention it. She stars in one of the biggest flops in TV history and devotes about 8 paragraphs to it.

There are a few sections that have more detail like working with Warren Beatty. But if a major life event occurs, like a birth or a heart attack, she barely mentions them. Her mind seems to be skipping through her life's experiences with little depth. And it's all very boring.

A whole lot of nothing. And nothing to be proud of. View 2 comments. Jun 18, Kelly Hager rated it really liked it. This book is absolutely captivating.

Local news matters.

I haven't seen very many of Lee Grant's movies although I've seen a few and plan to see more but you don't need to to appreciate this book or its stories. After reading this, I get the feeling that Lee Grant would be a fantastic person to be friends with. I also believe that there could be another whole book full of Hollywood stories; as fun as this one was, you can tell that it didn't even scratch the surface of the things she could say.

Aug 05, JoAnne Pulcino rated it liked it Shelves: adult-non-fiction , memoir. One of only a few actresses to survive the blacklist. She was on the list for years, and had to fight her way back. She also became a gifted and sought after director late in her career. She bares her feelings, her loves, her triumphs and mistakes. Mar 22, Creolecat rated it it was ok Shelves: film-reference , cinema , autobiographical. Lee Grant is a fine actress and director, but really, this bored me out of my skull.

I gave it two stars just to be nice. Nov 06, Kati Heng rated it really liked it. The story starts with adorable insights into her girlhood, my two favorite being 1 being called precocious by adults and being so flattered because she thought they meant precious, and 2 having her first love as a child, only to see it end when her mother forced her to wear this certain dress. Of course, it starts getting good when Lee breaks off on her own.

She leaves the home of her parents and moves straight in with a man about 10 years her senior, already a father of three and already a suspected communist during the McCarthy era. Being a young actress linked to a suspected communist would have been, of course, death to a career, which makes it all the more fascinating that we still care about Lee Grant today.

After a suspect commie dies under circumstances that look very much like he was pushed to an untimely death by investigators, Lee says this at his funeral, and for the next 12 years, puts the nail in the coffin of her career. No one would hire her; there was no point going to auditions. In one story, Lee remembers getting a call from a young girl asking her to come audition, to which Lee replies she must be mistaken, the girl looks at her lists again, and apologizes, they have no work for her.

Was America really like this? Today, celebrities can spew off speeches of hate towards Obama and nothing prevents their next role. Jul 07, Edythe Hamilton rated it liked it. Lee Grant shares her childhood story and the relationships with her mother and aunt while living on th street in New York.

Grant further reminisces about her education and training in the Arts field of dancing and acting that lead to starring in several stage plays and movie films. She discusses her long-term companionship with Arnold Manoff before their marriage including the twelve-year black list she endured due to an affiliation with a Communist Party Arnie believed in and supported. Grant recalls the early years of dating and the relationships with famous and well-known stars that sometimes lasted only one or two dates.

I received this book free from the Net Galley reviewer program in exchange for an unbiased opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines. Aug 02, Anne Hodges rated it really liked it. A superb read on the life of an Award winning actress who we have, previously, known little about privately. Blacklisted unjustly, abused by lovers, husbands and "the system" and triumphant in the end, Grant speaks in a frank, to the point, yet beautiful voice as she tells her very complex life story.

A "Smart" autobiography Yet, Grant is deeper than most and delves into hum A superb read on the life of an Award winning actress who we have, previously, known little about privately. Yet, Grant is deeper than most and delves into human emotions in a lovely way!! A Great read Aug 17, Melissa Gans rated it it was ok. I've admired Lee Grant's work as an actress and wanted to love this book. It was okay, but I don't recommend it unless you're a huge fan or if you're really interested in her stories about Hollywood life.